Wooden maderotherapy set

Maderotherapy is the perfect choice for those who want to get rid of stress. This massage, in addition to relaxing the mind and facial muscles, is good for people who have migraines, as well as for those who spend a lot of time working in front of a computer and their eyes become tired.

ANTI-CELLULITE BENEFITS: Anti-cellulite massages have proven beneficial in getting rid of cellulite. It is a completely natural and very effective technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage and consequently helps eliminate cellulite, while at the same time destroying fat cells, also improving the blood flow and lymph throughout the body. Lymph stimulation eliminates toxins from the body. The body is better supplied with oxygen and other nutrients that the skin needs to stay firm.


TOOLS USED FOR MASSAGE: The wooden tools used in maderotherapy are especially, anatomically designed to suit different parts of the body. Each wooden tool used in maderotherapy has its own purpose and method of use. They are all made from natural firm Slovenian wood, are suitable for people with allergies, and are not coated with any harmful substances for the skin. Wood is especially beneficial for our health


FACE MASSAGE: Therapy is a non-invasive method where wrinkles are treated, the face becomes brighter and free from toxins. Blood circulation is improved, the complexion of the skin is equalized. It is prevention to aging and wrinkle reduction.

The results of maderotherapy :

  • Cellulite elimination
  • Firmer and toned skin
  • Smooths out the skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Complete well-being therapy
  • De-stress
  • Boosts immune system
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Activates lymphatic system

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