Wooden foot massager MA4218

Wooden foot massager MA4218 is our most advanced massager and it is offcourse our bestseller. It has three different rows of massage rollers, which result in special massage everyone should get every day. First row of line shaped rollers just relax our feet and gives smooth massage to our skin too. Second row of rollers gives us more firm massage, which is great for sore and tired feet. Middle row is made of special rollers with effect of point massage. This row of rollers is most special and is ment for point massage of your feet. We have important points on our feet and this massager can press them. Its incredible way of massaging your feet is something our clients love.



  • Relieves stress & promote blood circulation
  • Massages both feet simultaneously
  • Made from sturdy birch wood
  • Can also be used to massage the hands
  • Available in various models


Measurements: 47x247x191 mm

Packaging: 20 pieces in a box

The wooden foot massage device comes with small wooden rollers that perfectly fit the contours of the feet. The small rollers apply pressure to the important areas of the feet or hands to help relieve stress and increase energy.

The handmade birch wood massage device is equipped with various rollers to perform different massaging techniques. Thanks to its width, it is suitable for all foot sizes.

This massager is bestseller in USA, you can check clients reviews here:


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