Wooden foot file PA1105

Foot file:

  • For wonderfully soft and supple feet
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different sizes
  • With 2 different grain sizes

Measurements: 4x43x242 mm

Packaging: 100 pieces in a box

The Mister Geppetto foot file is made using quality materials and the latest technology. It can be used by both professional podiatrists, as well as by private persons at home to remove targeted hard skin and calluses from the feet.

The Mister Geppetto Foot File is long-lasting. The abrasive coating was placed on both sides and the base of the file is made of wood. The two sides of the file have a different grain sizes – the rough side is used for the initial treatment and rounded off with the finer side. Enjoy very soft and supple feet!

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