Wooden comb RD5101

Model RD5101 is our bestseller. This comb is made out of one piece of wood and it is more than just comb. With this comb you can also massage your scalp, because its teeth are thick and round on the ends. With gentle massage of your scalp you will relief your stress and massage will result in many benefits for your scalp and hair. This comb is also useful for most curly hair type.

Meauserements: 9x55x135 mm

Packaging: 20 pieces in a box

The Mister Geppetto wooden combs are made using birch wood and

  • are gentle on the scalp
  • not static
  • do not react with styling products
  • prevent hair breakage, split ends and quick greasing of the hair
  • are ideal for everyday use.

Mister Geppetto wooden combs are sanded precisely and carefully. They do not have any cracks, nicks or sharp edges, preventing damage to the hair and scalp. The perfect product for healthy, silky hair!

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