Unique handmade wooden comb walnut

€ 17.90
Minimum order 10 pieces

Dear costumers, we are representing to you special combs. All of our unique combs are handmade in Slovenia, from our finest local walnut wood. Every comb is handmade and it has unique shape. These fine and luxury combs are made with long tradition of woodworking. First we cut down trees, then we select best parts of wood which has no mistakes and it must have beautiful surface. Then we dry wood for few years on air. When it is almost dry we use machine dryer to get just the right moisture, which is about 6- 8%. Next step is cutting wood on machine, gluing it together and cutting it again. Then they get unique shape, which demands huge amount of fantasy from wood combs crafter. Every tooth is brushed four times, so they are just the right shape to get thrue your hair with no effort at all. When using, the sound is so relaxing that you will hardly stop using it. On the end each combs is polished until perfection. We use special coating which makes it very stable and long lasting.

Material: pure walnut wood, special natural coating

Size: 20 cm lenght, 5 cm width, 0.5 cm thick

Combs are avaliable with narrow or dense teeth.

Every comb comes with green nonwoven textile case so it is always protected.

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