In category of Hair care we offer you wooden combs. These fine and luxury combs are made with long tradition of woodworking. When brushing your hair, the sound is so relaxing that you will hardly stop using it.

Did you know how many positive effects hair care can bring with a wooden comb?

– Take care of healthy epidermis, massage the scalp and thereby increase blood circulation
Distributes sebum evenly. Sebum is a substance composed of lipids that protects the skin from drying out
– If you often have loose hair, try one of our wood combs. Wood removes static energy, our brushes also do not contain any plastics that cause the hair to come out when it comes into contact with electricity.
– Wooden comb does not cause allergic reactions because it is made of natural materials. Also great for sensitive scalp
Promotes the growth of weak and thin hair. In addition to combing, it also massages, which is a positive thing for faster and better hair growth. However, if you already have weak and dry hair, using a wooden comb will do much less damage to already destroyed hair, as they are much gentler to use
– Wood comb makes beautiful and strong hair. It is very effective in combing curls as the hair does not fall apart or break
– is great at combating oily scalp, absorbs excess fat and normalizes the function of sebaceous glands

  • Perfect product for healthy, silky hair
  • Scalp massage
  • Very stable and long lasting
  • Made with long tradition of woodworking
  • Totally natural
  • Sanded precisely and carefully
  • Do not damage the hair and scalp

Wooden hair combs

Precise woodwork

Mister Geppetto wooden combs are sanded precisely and carefully.

Your company logo

We offer engraving your company logo on all of our products

Scalp friendly

They do not have any cracks, nicks or sharp edges, preventing damage to the hair and scalp.


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