Wooden Unflexible Massager


This wooden universal unflexible massager is made of pure beech wood. It has one massage roller on each side for good stimulation. It can cover bigger part of the body you want to massage.


It promotes relaxation and at the same time stimulates blood circulation in the body. The concentration is improved and it activates feelings of happiness. In addition, it supports cellulite reduction.
It’s made with two roller massagers on each side to improve stimulation. Too much psychological stress, and inadequate and forced posture are factors causing minor or severe muscle pain in the cervical, back and lumbar spine. With a few minute’s relaxation every day, a wooden back massage roller from natural beech wood is enough for a complete well-being therapy.A wooden roller massage is a natural therapy for well-being. The exceptional quality and firmness of the wood allows for long-term use. Acupressure is known to be an effective natural medicinal technique to relieve you off many ailments.
Application: Can be used on buttocks, hips, legs and abdomen.


-Relaxing effect for muscles
-Promotes blood circulation
-Made from robust birch wood
-Easy to use
-Available in various models

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