Wooden rope massager notched 3215


The wooden back massage device is an easy to use yet effective tool to stimulate and relax the back and shoulder muscles. Wooden rollers are wound on a sturdy cotton rope to help stimulate blood circulation and relieve pain and tension in the back and shoulder muscles after working out.

Acupressure is known to be an effective natural medicinal technique to relieve you off many ailments. Keeping your health and prosperity in mind, we have brought an acupressure tool to help you to stay fit and healthy.


Massage the body easily and quickly with the roller on the massage rope. Target pain and pressure points in your lower back, upper back, middle back, neck, shoulders, feet, arms and other parts of the body to reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and promote relaxation. Simply hold each end of the massage device in your hands and stroke the wooden rollers across the back.

Application when:
-Prolonged use of computers, mobile phones or other devices are kind of electromagnetic radiation
-Fast pace of work, nervous tension are long;
-Poor circulation; waist, shoulder and neck stiffness or pain are easy;
-Mental stress, relax the need to continue to restore the spirit of the person;

Store in dry place at normal air temperatures.
Do not place in water!
Do not use in the bath or shower!
Wipe clean with a cotton cloth.

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