Wooden maderotherapy cups


In Brazilian maderotherapy, the set of specially designed wooden cups take advantage of the action of high and low underpressure. This allows us to act on levels that are otherwise difficult to reach with fingers or rollers.



1. Deep action on connective tissue – fascia
By creating the vacuum, we stretch the connective tissue – fascia, making it more flexible, elastic. This enables the release of trapped toxins, helps to achieve a greater hydration and skin elasticity. The result is the elimination of cellulite and toxins, reduced circumference and more toned skin.

2. A release of lymphatic and blood capillaries
The special shape allows the vacuum in the cup to create a low pressure, which sucks in and so lifts the skin. This stretches the tissue and at the same time enables the release of the lymphatic and blood capillaries. As a result, the amount of blood in the deeper, larger blood vessels increases, allowing blood to flow to the areas that were previously poorly perfused or where circulation has been interrupted.

3. Immediate result
We improve microcirculation and increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the body. Achieving effective detoxification of the body and an immediate result – a significant loss of centimetres.

The effects of cupping therapy include:
promoting the skin’s blood flow
changing the skin’s biomechanical properties
increasing pain thresholds
improving local anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism
reducing inflammation
boosting cellular immunity

Cups are most often applied to the back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs.
First, apply solid or liquid massage oil to the body parts that need massage, then move back and forth with the massage cup to keep the body relaxed. It only takes a few minutes to achieve the ideal effect.
Although you can see results after one session, 4-6 sessions are highly recommended. The session can last up to 60 minutes for the whole body.

After hand carving, it has smooth edges, which is ergonomic – used in maderotherapy. Very durable and strong wood which can be used for a long time. After session wipe it with a towel.

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