Facial maderotheraphy set


Facial massage with wooden rollers for skin lifting, accelerated production of collagen and elistine, better blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. A complete set of good quality wood therapy instruments that you will use in all services.


Although from the first session you begin to see some results, several sessions are usually necessary to complete the treatment, as well as a few monthly maintenance sessions, which will increase the number of visits to your center.

Effects of facial maderotherapy:
– skin firming,
-face lifting,
-accelerates the production of collagen and elastin,
-improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells,
-face refreshing,
-reduces or eliminates dark circles

Madero therapy stimulates the greater formation of collagen and elastin, which results in a more toned, refreshed face, with visibly reduced wrinkles. The massage technique is suitable for everyone who wants an even and healthier looking skin.

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