I am Matjaz Finzgar,

wood engineer and businessman from Slovenia, Europe. For the last three years, I am doing my best to let people know that wooden product are the best for their body, skin, hair,… That is why I established a trading company back in 2014. It is called Fimatrade ltd. We are a wholesale distributor of wooden products not only for personal and body care but for kitchen and home use too. Our sales program is quite wide, from small products with low prices which comes from serial production to more specialized products, which are often unique and have higher prices. With wide sales program, we are trying to satisfy all the clients, with high or even higher demands and expectations.

Our Approach

Our company is specialized in wholesale of wooden products for hair and body care and also for kitchen and dinning. We work directly with production companies and handcrafters that is why we assure best prices, high quality and fast response time. Please check the list of clients who already trust us and our services and choose us for your supplier.



Fast Response

our history

Working since 2014

In 2014 me and my business associate- my girlfriend started to sell wooden products to shops in our country. In a year, we have had about 30 sales points. Those were almost all smallest shops, ecologically- naturally orientated. Next year we closed a nice deal with the big Slovenian beauty store chain, called Tuš drogerije. We got 40 new sales points at once. That was the first big breakthrough for me and my company. Then we started to spread our sales network across our borders to Austria. There we got a great client- Ecco- Verde, which is the largest online ecological shop in Europe. Because people really like our products and sales is getting higher every year I am sure that we are on the right way.


The main brand that we own is Mister Geppetto. In this line, where all the products are made from birch wood there are 6 models of wooden combs (for different hair types and personal wishes), 3 models of wooden foot files (different sizes), 3 models of wooden foot massagers and 2 models of wooden rope massagers meant mostly for neck and back self massage. We sell Mister Geppetto brand products in Europe and the USA too.


We also sell other products for personal care, we are specialized in wooden combs made from precious and quality Slovenian wood. We use two wood species- cherry and walnut. Those combs are all handmade, everyone is unique and they are polished until they are perfect. You can see photos attached. We can do shape, designs and sizes according to your wishes.


I am very proud that I have managed to put those natural products to many shops and therefore to more and happier clients.

We also offer other similar wooden products, for which clients show their interest. We have cherry wooden spoons (serial made) and specially shaped unique wooden spoons, wooden products for kitchen use and home use, we even offer wearable wooden hats, made out of one piece of wood.

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